Dec 13, 2009

Holiday decorating

That's right, we have never decorated for the holidays before. Geoff isn't super into decorating at all if we're completely honest, and I haven't really been that big into traditional holidays for the most part.

My Mom and my sister got all of that gene. They are currently setting up and decorating the tree at my parent's house.

All Day.

I can remember very clearly years of my Dad and I sitting in the corner trying to stay out of it, while my Mom and Kristy got giddy over throwing tinsel and finding THE EXACT RIGHT SPOT FOR THAT ORNAMENT.

It's just too much for me.

But I was feeling festive on Friday afternoon and thought, what the hell.

Holly? Check
Twinkle lights? Check
Sparkle Deer? Check
Ghost Horse? Check
Vampire Bunny? Check

Decorating on a $0.00 budget? Priceless
(the holly was free from the driveway, and the twinkle lights were left over from the wedding)

I even decorated other parts of the house. I KNOW! I'VE GONE MAD!

While I was setting all of this up, my big toe decided to make a break for freedom.

lucky for me my stocking usually has socks in it!

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