Jul 25, 2009

Lines and Shapes

I am coveting this book series right now.
I saw it over at Wren Handmade's blog and I am feeling a kinship with the images she had posted.
I don't know why. I WANT SO BAD to crochet and knit. In fact I do knit, every fall, myself a new necktube.
(this year's will be silver)
But I LURVE, possibly in a pervy way the necklaces that she makes.
These guys...

And I think to myself, "COOL! Learn to crochet so you can may yourself one!"

But when I dare ask.

And also I just want one of hers anyway. So delicate, so beautiful!

I do not have time for the learning of the crochet.
Alex at work taught me how to crochet a chain stitch, but that's as far as I've got, and I am really, if I am honest with myself, too busy catching up with my own work before I can start adding new hobbies.
Especially since I basically took the last month and a half off completely to organize the wedding.

and now I have NO excuses!

But I was very good this weekend so far. 6 pairs of earrings are done and ready to package, as well as 3 samples for new pendants that are WAY cuter than I expected them to be. Plus another pendant sample (not sure if I am going to make this one again, cute, but I dunno.)
And a new sample pair of earrings.
AND I sliced up more antler for the new Antler earrings that are SO AMAZING.

But this artist book series is calling my name. Back to what I was originally getting at.


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