Jan 19, 2012

A VERY late happy new year to you

Good grief.

One of my few goals for this year is LESS SCREEN TIME.

To be more present, especially since most of my time is now spent trailing after a VERY busy and curious little turd who for whatever reason LOVES THE FIREPLACE.

With a single mindedness and devotion that instills my heart with terror.
He burnt the tips of three little fingers the other night and has three little blisters to show for it.

Not cool Turd. Not cool.

He in fact was totally fine after a 20 second scream fest, which was followed by another 30 seconds or so of screaming while I held a freezing cold wet cloth on his little digits while he tried to wriggle away from it AND AT THE SAME TIME suck on it.
(I of course was crying too)

Naturally he's forgotten all about the dangers of the fireplace (our one source of heat is a gas fireplace in the living room) and is all about sitting as close to it as possible. Whenever he can.

YOU try reasoning with a 9 month old. Selfish little buggers.

"I just want to be COZY mama!" "I won't actually touch it OH NO WAIT I NEED TO REACH OUT AND TOUCH IT RIGHT NOW JUST TRY AND STOP ME!"

So my To Do for this week is to find a screen for the front of it so he can be cozy and I can keep some of my hair.

And I have been pretty good at the whole Less Screen Time thing.

You can tell, I know, from my lack of posting.
Like anyone is reading this besides our Moms! HA!

1 comment:

marny said...

Yup, and the little turd's dad was just the same!!! you gotta love 'em!!


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