Jan 23, 2012

9 months

I still remember the Friday afternoon that we found out we were pregnant.

We were up in Mill Bay getting groceries and Geoff had been joking that I was pregnant, and I kept denying it.

Geoff told me he KNEW I was pregnant when we walked by some canned protein (neither of us remember what it was exactly, but I don't often go in for canned meat!) and said I wanted it.

I suspected I might be when I walked past the display of nectarines and NEEDED them.

So I said I would pick up a stick and pee on it and then we'd see.

Oh did we.

That little pink line popped up before I was even finished peeing on that stick. (too much? sorry!)

And then we met this TINY little creature who changed everything.

Who is 9 months old today.

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