Jan 29, 2012

NEED (okay fine WANT!)

Was just perusing Ye Old Blog bookmarks and came across THIS amazing thing via Saving it for a Rainy Day

Aaaand I just tracked down the product website HERE

I have done this, I've got some mason jars with handles that I've taken to the coffee shop and it's great, EXCEPT for the having to stop walking in order to drink your beverage moments.

Gads! I might have to order one of these! They are only $7.99!

Except that I am being VERY GOOD and sticking to my goal of Thoughtful Spending
(It's that thing, where I am only going to buy things that I have been thinking about for AGES, so clearly it's something that I am going to use/love for a long time)

Also thrifting is okay.

(Yellow cardigan, come to me!)

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