Sep 12, 2009

The excitement continues!

Work on the new suite in town is underway and in full swing. We might even be able to get in there late next week! Which would really be amazing because Geoff has early morning classes and the hour long (sometimes longer depending on traffic) commute is a bit stressful.
Late next week might be pushing it, but it's definitely coming along well.

And now I have started to think about decorating and what we'll do with the space.
And I will admit to being very excited about this.

It's a two bedroom suite with a seperate dining area off the kitchen and Geoff and I have talked about the allotment of zones since we both need our own spaces.
We're going to keep the main bedroom as the bedroom and Geoff is going to take the second bedroom as his space.

Which means that I get the "dining"room off the kitchen. Which has great light, a good vibe and is connected to the kitchen which means I get to lord over both zones like a queen!

The more I think about it the more excited I get! The kitchen is already usually my favorite place to be, and I am loving the idea of sectioning off the far side of the dining room from the living room to create a cozy little den/studio.

And I have been thinking that I'd like to find something like these bookshelves from ikea to do it.

They are not so tall that they block off the whole space, and I like that I can set up display to enjoy from both sides. Plus I am so jazzed to plan out how I am going to organize all my crap (seperate baskets for crafty stuff?? Paints in their own box???)that my head is practically spinning!

I would rather get something in a solid wood (my sister has a really great unit that she got from ikea years ago that they unfortunately don't sell anymore), as I am a bit concerned with all the chemicals in the particle board, so I am looking forward to thrifting for something or building something myself.

I don't know when I will find the time, but still. Excited by the prospect.

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