Sep 13, 2009

Toast and Tea

I am currently sitting in the living room of the new suite and I am just falling head over heels in love. There isn't anything in here yet, the drywall just went up in the kitchen and there is crap everywhere, but I am sitting in front of the gas fireplace, the dog is snoozing on the gorgeous love seat next to me (I will have a whole post on THAT beauty soon, don't you fret my dearies) and the world feels right to me.

Geoff and I went out for dinner, something we almost never do and I am feeling lighthearted and satisfied with my lot in life.
This summer (this whole year really) has been such a whirlwind, and I've been struggling to maintain calm here and there. Most places actually, if I am completely honest with myself. I've been feeling the turning 30 blahs I think.

But tonight I feel like I am turning a corner.
Into a lovely seaside dream. (The house we're moving to is A SINGLE BLOCK FROM THE OCEAN. Had I mentioned that? It's incredible) and it is already feeling like home.

Even with nothing but a loveseat, a Poang chair and a sleepy whippet.

That was the Tea part of this post. (don't ask me why)

Here is the Toast.

The Fall Toast catologue is so incredibly amazing and I am not the only one who will agree that Fall clothes are the best clothes. Hands down.

If I had expendable income I would expend a lot of it there.
Then go to the waterfront and throw bread for the gulls and sit with a thermos of tea and my camera ALL DAY LONG.

happy sigh!

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