Jun 1, 2009

oh blog, I miss you

I know I keep saying this. But I really do.
I miss sharing cool stuff that I find on the internet with other people who, like me, read blogs and find inspiration.

I miss working on new designs and sharing ideas and the feedback.


I don't have pictures of any of the new work that I am currently plugging away at in the studio. I've got a couple of rings that are overdue to some lovely ladies in Vancouver (Deanna and Bev, I mean YOU. They are on their way this week)
And I've got some new leather neckpieces being cogitated and they are just waiting for some surplus $$ so I can get a silkscreen...I KNOW!! Just you wait world, these are AWESOME.

And some new antler earrings that are pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.
So I need to get that going. And some pictures taken.
And generally get myself back on the computer again.

But I am going to start back into my wee little bog here with some inspiration that I have found elsewhere. Namely Camp Comfort. She is currently my go-to for things and ideas that I didn't know I NEEDED until I read them there.
So awesome.

This Bracelet:

It's such a cute design! There are things that I would change for myself and since
I can't actually afford to buy anything right now, I might make something like it if I need to.

This Chair:

The colour, the hearts(!), all so perfect.
(I can't remember where I first spotted this one. Possibly DesignSponge.

And This Girl:

So adorable. I am having a Girl Crush moment. I might need to take some pictures of her in the next time I get my hair cut. (I actually have a pretty similar cut right now come to think of it. Nevermind. Cute hair? CHECK!)


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