Jun 27, 2009

Oh my dear lord

I have been off the sweets for the last 2 weeks and I am feeling much better.
(I have been sneaking various contraband ingredients for a little while and my allergies were paying me back in kind. Not fun.)
Plus I really wanted to be off sweets since February for the Wedding (which is 2 weeks away today. WTF??) but I only managed to get off the sweets about a month ago.

Don't judge me.

Anyway, I have been really good lately at finding good-for-me and food-I'm-not-allergic-to snacks and I am feeling great.
I said that, I know.

Anyway, THIS little devil might just be the right way to fall of the wagon when the time comes.

Give me a break Nigella!
What are you DOING??

It's a Nutella cake with Hazelnut ganache that I saw on TheKitchn.

Some of you may know of my little problem with Nutella.
I'll explain briefly...
In Art School my room mate and I kind of lived off it for a while, mostly eaten on Hobnobs (a lovely little oaty cookie thing) while wearing only our pyjamas for 3 straight months.
It was delicious and disgusting all at the same time.
And even now I can't let it into my house because I will eat only Nutella sandwiches until it is gone.
And it never takes long.

Hence the No Nutella Rule.

We have caved only twice that I can remember and both times saw the error or our ways as soon as the vicious little bottle was empty.

I am going to try to forget I ever saw this and go on with my life.

Oh Nigella.

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