Dec 15, 2008

So I have another blog

It's just a little thing.
About the wedding.

My (our) wedding.

In this other blog I posted about what I did to my engagement ring.

This is the trouble when you are a jeweller.
I keep having these IDEAS that get me into trouble.
So last week I was all "I'm not sure if I really love this ring" to myself.
And I was all "well why don't you do something about it, like melt it down and make it another ring."

And I was all "that's a GREAT idea! I know just what to do!"

So I cut my sweet little engagement ring into bits, and melted it down with some other little bits WITH THE FULL EXPECTATION OF THE METAL DOING WHAT I EXPECTED IT TO.

Which is of course, what it did not do.
Instead of ending up with a bar of gold just the right size for shaping into a new band, what did I get?
A. A BALL of gold that was doing NOTHING for my equanimity.

SO. I spent WAY too much time hammering the crap out of it to make it into a bar so that I could make it into a ring.
And I got halfway to what it needed to be.

And my shoulder was seizing up and I had to have the most painful physiotherapy I've had in a long time.
(please see the other post for pictures)

So I felt ridiculous for a couple of days.

It's what I do.

But I have come up with a sweet little solution for what to do with the gold from my ring. (because I want to keep it, it's just not a ring anymore)

I cut the hammered bar in half and MELTED THEM AGAIN.
(I know, you are asking yourselves What is WRONG with this girl?? Doesn't she LEARN?)

But this time... they were going to be pendants.
YES!! And they worked!

Check out this little bad boy.

It's so cute.
And I am so inspired by the shape of it (yes the one I am currently wearing is just a little blob, HOWEVER! The other one, the one that I have not set yet, is more oblong and organic.) that I am considering doing a few more.

They are entirely recycled! (minus the diamond)
Oh yeah! I haven't even GOTTEN to that part yet. The wee stone in there? It's a champagne diamond. I have had it since school, and never used it in anything.
Until now.

So I am calling them Prospector's Pendants (like gold prospecting! Get it??)
So Cute!

What's not so cute? The 12 (I kid you not, I counted) pictures I took of myself just now. Each one more ridiculous than the last. I look like I am up to no good in every one of them

This is what I do after a day of working in the studio.
Be ridiculous.

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