Dec 18, 2008

Heading out for a bit

I am leaving these shores... for the island shores a scant hour and a half away.

Yes yes, I am feeling dramatic.

Two weeks off.
That's right, I will be back in Vancouver in TWO WEEKS.

I might post between now and then, depends on if I have computer access.
I spent the last week here at the house by myself working FURIOUSLY on gifts and getting ready to head over while at the same time working at the clinic.
Last night I was so tired I conked out at 9:30!

But for the next 2 weeks I'll be doing whatever catches my fancy.
When I'm not doing the holiday with family thing (we've got three) and getting ready for the holiday with family things.

I am hoping to do some baking, some reading, some knitting, some sleeping.


I hope that all of you out there are having a wonderful week and that the holidays find you happy and healthy.

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