Nov 27, 2008

Out of Hand!

I realized last night that I posted pictures from Out of Hand on the FGI blog and not mine!

So let me remedy this situation by giving you something to look at!
Out of Hand was much quieter this year than ever before. I understand that the economy is keeping people from shopping, and the One of a Kind show was in Vancouver the exact same dates this year, so a lot of the vendors were over there instead.
So add those two together and you get a slow craft fair!
But it was not with out it's ups. I had a HILARIOUS good time! Angie and I were fighting mad head colds the entire time so we were hopped up on so much vitamin C and echinacea that we just blurrily coasted through NOT GETTING SICK.
And we had some great neighbors this year as well. I will be putting a post together of all of their booths and links to their websites in the next few days.
Today will be about US!

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