Dec 12, 2007

in which she waxes poetic about hoods

Those of you who read this blog (Hi Mom) may remember the black cozy sweater that I made a couple of weekends ago. I was so stoked about it that I made another one in green the next day. It was itchy? Remember that?
Well I have since made ANOTHER one in green, not itchy, but somehow I managed to make it strangely large and unflattering. I think that I may need to learn more about sewing with stretch knits.
And will likely try it again.
I went back to the cozy black sweater, the harbinger of all the others.
And added the hood you know see. It's a little odd, not quite "right" but man, I had not realized how great hood living really was. It really is like living in your own little world. Sweaters made for girls always have tiny decorative hoods that don't really cover your head. What, pray tell, is the point of that? I am not a girl who dresses just for cuteness. The cuteness simply oozes out of me. I actually dress for the good sense that my mother gave me, which is good and practical. I don't want to wear something if it doesn't do what it is meant to do.
So I had never realized that a hood was really as great as Geoff has been soap boxing to me all these years.
I may wear it every day.

At least until it gets too hot. Then I'll obsess about something else.

Rad right??

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