Dec 3, 2007

I just can't sit still apparently

I spent Saturday afternoon making this cozy black sweater. Please note the extra long sleeves.
Please don't remark on the disgusting state of that mirror! EUGH! I will deal with that presently!

I also finished a slightly trashy novel (it was WONDERFUL!)
and baked the greasiest flattest shortbread known to man.
Delicious, but eaten with a fork.

Who eats shortbread with a fork?

I blame the lack of xantham gum for the grease cake. Baking Gluten free has it's ups and downs!

And because I loved the cozy black sweater so much, on Sunday I made this one.

Oh the cuteness!
Get a load of that button!
But I can't wear it because I failed to notice when I bought the fabric that it apparently has wool in it.
Itch city for girls allergic to wool.

Oh sigh.

It's alright, I'll make it again non itchy.

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