Oct 14, 2007

So long between posts!

I've been working hard in the studio these past couple of weeks, the Out of Hand Show is coming up fast. FAST. And I am putting all of my energies into that.
Yesterday I spent a good part of the day scooping wax out of (what will become) Antler rings, cutting out discs for Jangelica pendants (what I would do for a disc punch right now!) and prepping 10 more Woozy rings.
Today I am hoping to finish cutting out the rest of the discs for the pendants, solder and possibly get some gold soldered into the Woozys and finish the waxes for the Antler rings so I can drop those off for casting this week. And if I have time, clean up the edges on some A Cute rings too.
I will certainly post some pictures when I take them, but right now I just work work work until I am too tired or my fingers are too sore to work any more!
This show is going to be AWESOME!
I hope all and sundry are having a great weekend.

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