Oct 20, 2007

idle hands... are not mine.

These are the new rings for the show.
Oh my god I love them so much!
I've got 20 going, some finished, like these babies, and others in various stages of production.
Plus I've got 24 pendants going, tons of earrings to get started and antler rings being cast this week. I am hoping to drop off some more waxes when I pick up the finished ones and just keep the process rolling.
I was looking at my day planner yesterday and I realized that I've only got one more paycheck until the show.
Panic has officially set in, but I am focusing now.
Once I eat lunch.

I whipped up this little number this morning. I know I know! I should be working on jewellery! And I am, but I've had this tugging away at my thoughts for about a week now (since I unpacked the fabric from a bag of stuff left untouched since we got back from Halifax) and it only took me a couple of hours all told and now I can stop thinking about it. (this isn't the best picture of it, but you can see the button in this pic, which is how I plan to tell which side is the front.)
I have finally accepted how my brain works, I am going to work WITH myself.

This teapot was a gift from the Lovely Kathryn for my birthday. Which was in August yes, but I have wanted to post this picture for ages because it's just so sweet! I love love love this teapot. It's perfect with my teeny mug, I get 2 and a HALF(!) cups of tea out of it and it's always properly steeped.
Bless you Kathryn!

Oh yeah! And I am knitting again. To relax after working in the studio.
The humble beginnings of a cozy neck tube/scarf.

Enough blogging for now. Must eat and work!
Ciao dahlings.


Sandra said...

Jana banana, you are fabu - congrats on being so darn productive!! And the top is fantastic - you whipped it up in a couple of hours??? I am so impressed. Alright, I have to go grocery shopping (boo!!) and SHOE shopping (Yaaayy!!). Talk to you later. Xoox

Anonymous said...

I am stoked the Tea Pot made it on here. I knew you would love it.



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