Sep 23, 2014

Wait, what is this?? I am ALONE???

 Well, I'm not really sure what to do with myself at the moment.  The Sparrow is napping, Sonny is at preschool (PRESCHOOL!!) and the giant pile of laundry I was going to tackle this morning is in the same room where the Miss is asleep.

So obviously I CAN'T do that.

So hey internet!

Here's a little recap of the last few weeks...

I make school lunches now.  Because my sweet wee baby is IN PRESCHOOL.  And loving it.  Having 15 other kids his very same age around is EXACTLY what that Turkey needed.

We live on campus at UBC, which is pretty kick ass if you don't mind me saying so.  I'm crossing my fingers that I will make a couple friends... some of the moms and dads at preschool seem cool and nice.  But I am not going to be a weirdo and force the issue.  I will be cool.


Back to living on campus...
We haven't done a major exploration yet, just a few nice long walks here and there before classes started, but there is some very seriously cool things nearby.

Like THIS!

 The Biodiversity museum is home to this amazing Blue Whale skeleton (I'm pretty sure its a Blue Whale, I could look it up and confirm but I DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH TIME I HAVE before the Sparrow wakes up from her nap and hell no I am not going to Check my Blog for Inaccuracies.  That's ridiculous)

We are going to go back THERE soon, for sure.

There are sprawling avenues like this all over the place...
 (hey cute husband!)
 This castle is the Chemistry Building.
Please Chemistry, give me a break.

And there is a plaza with ten or so of these weirdos.  Lounge Poofs for Lounging.
Sonny was impressed.
 Pretty flowers.

And this view, from the Rose Garden.

Yeah, UBC has it's own fancy shmancy Rose garden.

With those mountains.

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marny said...

Yup, looks pretty nice!!!


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