Sep 11, 2014

(the sound of crickets)

So once upon a time I wrote this blog.

And then we had another baby.

This lovely little Sparrow.
 Who is completely ADORED by all of us.  Especially her big brother.  Who is The Best.  Holy shit, the BEST big brother there is.  Sometimes a little too rough and tumble, sometimes a little frustrated with how small she is, how much she needs us and how often we say "STOP DOING THAT TO HER!"



 But those moments are interspersed with moments like this...

 Every morning he climbs into bed with us and has to day good morning to her, his favorite lately is
"Nice to MEET you Hazuu! Nice to MEET you HAY ZUUU"

It's absurdly cute.

And moments like this...
 And this...

 I was told while I was pregnant that having two is Exponentially more work.  That it's really hard and that I can kiss my free time goodbye.  Which has been more or less the case.  Except for the Exponentially part.  She has been a DREAM baby. (up until last week, an unbelievable, super chill little dream baby.  Now she is teething and on the verge of crawling and FLIPPING MAD about it)  Yes there have been times when I have literally pulled my hair out in frustration.  Days when Sonny has needed more from me than I could give him and the guilt that made it that much worse. 

Days when there has been no time for me AT ALL, no time for Geoff, no time for anything other than taking care of these two perfect humans THAT WE MADE.

But they are both so wonderful and funny and I could not imagine life without them.

And I am so aware of how lucky we are.

Oh yeah, and we moved to a new city.
So now we are doing it without family around.

So, in light of this, Janamade is taking a hiatus.

While we are back in Vancouver (Yep, we're back!) my kit is in storage and I will not be making jewellery.  At least, not a lot.  We might be able to swing trips back to the island where I get time to work on the odd commission.  But it will be few and far between.

It's hard to think about not working or making right now, but it's also TOTALLY INSANE around here.  So I am not going to take on any extra stress at this point.

And in light of the shift away from work and back towards family life, this little space here will be changing as well.

Don't worry, it won't all be pictures of my kids.  There will be some Mom, but I am not super comfortable spreading their faces on the internet, so they will be sparse.

So I don't know what will happen to this space actually.

I am hoping to start drawing again.  That has been on my mind a lot.  But until I can get this little Sparrow of mine to sleep ON HER OWN, ever, that is still on the back burner.

So follow along if you wish, if I haven't lost you already.

And now I have to go get her out from under the armchair.  I kid you not.  She's already giving us a run for our money. 

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marny said...

I love the jazz hands picture that is so much like that pic that you have of your wee man!!


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