Nov 26, 2013

This might need to happen soon

If you follow me on Pinterest, you will have noticed that lately I am pinning a LOT of pictures of short hair.

Like, a lot a lot.

I have a history of getting a big chop every ten years or so, and it's been longer than that now, that I have had long hair.

I really like my hair long, but all through the Fall and Winter I wear scarves and high collars, and let me tell you, the rat's nest that develops after about an hour if I leave my hair down is pretty impressive.  So much so that I am actually ripping hair out in order to comb it through.

This year, this is really getting to me.
I am thinking about short hair more and more.
Like daily.

These are my favorite shots of short hair right now.
The Pixie cuts are probably shorter than I will go, at least at first, but I LOVE them!
(Plus ten years ago I didn't wear glasses everyday AND I had free time in the mornings to actually DO stuff to it.  Now, not so much)

*All of these pictures can be found in my Short Hair board, with accompanying links*

 I think I'm getting closer to being ready.
There is a lot going on over in these here parts right now though so I need to be REALLY sure before I make any drastic changes, in order to avoid the teenager style freak out if if am not totally sure.
Because that's a possibility.  Haircuts have made me cry before.
Yes, as an adult.

Maybe in the Spring?  Get through the holidays and Geoff's degree first?


nook. said...

oOOO exciting! I can't wait to see what you decide on! xo

Kerianne said...

DO IT! You'll love it but yes, find the right hairdresser & the right timing :) You won't regret it. Plus short hair & glasses are adorable together!

Jana May said...

Thanks guys! I am leaning towards starting off with a shorter bob.

I am tempted to cut it myself tonight, but I feel like that might not be a great plan.

Even though I REALLY want to just do it!


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