Nov 21, 2013


Tomorrow night, my dear friends, is the first night of what will become a fantastic annual holiday event!
The vendor list is incredible, the venue is going to be GORGEOUS, and there will be music and food and I intend to get ridiculous by the end of Friday night.

As only I can.
Which means eating far too many chocolate covered almonds and laughing loudly and inappropriately  at everyone's jokes.

Also, as if it alone isn't enough, every vendor has contributed handmade items for SWAG BAGS, and the first 50 people through the door each day gets one!

I've been working my little fingers to the bone building inventory for this show, and I have completely revamped my booth set up so if nothing else, come and take a look at the new display!

It's going to be good people.

1 comment:

nook. said...

ohh so exciting! I love market season! have a great time!!! i'm sure you'll do fantastically well! looking forward to seeing the new booth set up! xo


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