Jun 26, 2013

The Worst Pancakes I've Ever Made

This is them.
Right here.

I am a free spirited pancake maker.  I am not one for strictly following any recipes, let alone PANCAKES, which for the most part, are generally pretty fool proof.


These disgusting specimens however, have me thinking I might have to rethink this philosophy.

At least until I've got a few more good batches under my belt.

These were entirely raw on the inside and pretty burnt on the outside.

Sonny tried one and immediately gave it back to me. 
"No like" he says.
"Bad pancake"

Let the record show that the little human who will pretty much eat anything we put in front of him, was not interested in these.

Which is fair because they were Pretty Bad.  Capital letters people.

I blame the carrot pulp from the juice we had that morning that I based these around.

It should have been a feature, not a main!

Lesson learned.

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