Jun 24, 2013

DIY Sandwichboard "It's nice to be Handy"

It was on my list for Ursa that I would try to save money as much as I could.  Since this was the first time I have tried anything like this, I was SUPER CHARGED to do everything myself.
And I knew right away that I was going to build sandwich boards.  
I mean, it's just two pieces of wood!
So a couple of weeks before the event, Sonny and I went out adventuring with the stroller (YES THE STROLLER!  Why the heck would I need a CAR for something like this??  This is my cross to bear I am afraid... a can do attitude without the forethought to MEASURE the width of the stroller to see if my plans would even work.)  It literally didn't even occur to me until I watched the nice guy from the Do It Center carrying the freshly cut boards back over to me.

They definitely weren't fitting under the stroller like I had flippantly pictured it.
But that's cool.  Sonny and I are adaptable and it was a nice day.
So off came the stroller seat, down it went into the lower basket, the GIANT, super heavy boards were loaded on top and Sonny got carried, CARRIED IN MY ARMS because he didn't want to walk and hold my hand as we walked the two blocks to the bus stop.

It actually wasn't that bad.  But I was really happy to sit down on that bus.

But I digress!
Putting the sandwich boards together was a snap!

I picked up a set of hinges, tiny screws with wide heads (because the screws that came with the hinges were too long and would have pushed through to the front of the Sammie Board (that's what I'm calling it now, for your records), some short lengths of chain to secure the sides while we were out too.

I laid the boards out JUST LIKE THIS and literally just screwed the hinges in about 3 inches from either side.

 This was my super high tech system to attach the chains, because these boards are NOT lightweight and it was a little tricky while I sorted it out in my head/in real life how I was going to line up the chain and screw it in at the same time.

I used a power drill for all of this too.
Let's not get too crazy.

Both sides got a couple of coats of chalkboard paint and VOILA!!

Handmade, DIY Sammie Boards at a fraction of the cost.
I think all in all I spent one hour and $40 on this.

Plus I bought enough wood et al to make ANOTHER ONE!!

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