Apr 16, 2013

Toddler Tuesdays :: Working in the Garden

I have never had much of a green thumb.  Honestly, there were weekends when we were tweens that Mom would drag us out to the back yard to Weed....ugh, even thinking about it makes me shudder.
She had to drag us out there because we HATED it. Oh man it was preteen torture!  I can't imagine that she had any fun back there either with the two of us whining and wailing and generally being sullen and awful.

We were terrible.

But even though I didn't have the most auspicious start to my gardening career, I have for the last few years thought quite lovingly about the future garden that I would have, growing veggies and strawberries.  Strawberries are the Big Draw for me.  I have wonderful memories of being little and picking fresh strawberries with my Poppa on summer vacation.

And carrots out of his garden too now that I think of it.

Last year I went as far as buying packets of seeds to plant.  And I somehow managed to STEAM THEM.  I think I left them on the shelf above the sink and a few too many hot sinks full of water and draining past did them all in.

Incredible I know.

But this year.  THIS YEAR!!  I have already PLANTED two different types of kale AND STRAWBERRIES in the back garden.

And I love it!  Really, completely love it.  I am hoping to pick up carrot seeds this week and later in the spring we are going to put down some squash, zucchini and cucumbers too.

And Sonny, bless is little heart, loves it back there.  He pushes a little plastic lawnmower that our neighbors passed down to us and excitedly calls me over to "help snakes".  Toddler speak for Please Pick up that Dead Worm and Do Something With It.

The things we do.

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