Apr 15, 2013

Phone cases are taking up too much residence in the old Train of Thought these days.

So I know this is coming right off after ANOTHER post about phone cases.  Seriously, it's absurd.

But I just got me an iphone, after YEARS of quietly coveting Geoff's and assuming that I would nver bother to sign on for a contract to get one.

And then I did.

And. I. Totally. Love. It.

It's such a silly thing, but I really like it and I am feeling excited about it and I like decorating things so a case is a no brainer.
(plus clumsy mom and grabby toddler equals cases being kind of important. And why not have a pretty one?)

And THESE beauties from Csera's etsy shop are LOVERLY.

I am thinking that I might order myself the top turquoise and gold one, I am loving those great deco lines!
And the wood effect is nice too... but I keep going back to stare at the gold one.
(of course I am)

I'm getting a tiny tax return, and I am working on justifying this.

What is selling me is that all of the cases are made from recycled materials and made in small runs, so each design is a limited edition.

I might have already sold myself on this. 

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