Mar 15, 2013

Floating Gold's Fantastic Cowl

I feel like this could be a super hero name.

Or at least the name of their super powered utility cape.

And frankly, this cowl kind of manages to do that in reality.
I am not even joking when I tell you that you can wear this cowl, which is seemingly JUST A TUBE-ISH SKIRT weirdo thing when you look at it on the hanger.  But it's SO MUCH MORE!

"What do I do with it??" is what we hear at markets a lot.

And then the ever lovely Angie and I go into our routine.
"Let me show you!" I'll say, and then proceed to wear it 7 DIFFERENT WAYS.

(This is Nora.  She's absolutely lovely)

I'm only sharing three today, because I think that you should go over to Floating Gold's blog post to check it out... here

And let me just say that I have this cream one AND the blue one and they are so soft and cozy and VERSATILE. 
(I'm actually wearing my cream one right now. RIGHT NOW!!)

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