Dec 20, 2012

All tucked up tight

It's midnight and I am waiting quietly while Sonny slowly settles himself back to sleep.  We've got some weather that's been waking him up these past few nights and I am starting to think that he's getting into a routine with it now.

Although it does sound like it's starting to pick up again outside.

It's less than a week until Christmas.  I have 5 gifts for Littles to make and 3 gifts for Bigs too.  I am not sure how I am going to wrangle this one, but I've got until Sunday morning to finish 4 of them. 

That's probably fine.

My fingers are crossed that I can squeak in a couple of baking afternoons in there too.  Or maybe just one big one! 
My Aunt sent me my Amma's much loved recipe for her Icelandic layer cake.    I made it last year gluten free, and it was such a joy to be taken back to being 10 years old again, as soon as I bit into it I could see myself downstairs in the laundry room, watching her pull it out of the deep freeze to slice off a piece for me.  And then another because she always cut me two.  Because I always asked for more.

And this year I want to make it for Sonny.  And every year after that.

Because to me it tastes just like love.

I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday, however you celebrate. 

And here is to a new year full of joy and peace and health and love.


nook. said...

we have been having crazy weather, hey? i hope he slept well for you after that.... i can't believe how close to christmas we are!!! so exciting! hopefully you find time to get that baking in too. what a beautiful memory! of course i don't tend to go to bed before 1 or 2am in the month of december ;) the life of a crafter hey?
merry christmas and have a beautiful new year! chat soon! xo

marny said...

so excited to see you blogging again!!! I've been missing your posts! Is it because of that uber-cute toddler???!!!


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