May 12, 2011

Jazz hands

I'm sitting feeding Mr. Ali, his little hand is cool against my skin because he refuses to let us swaddle his arms, so he's always flinging his hands into his own face, startling himself.

But right now he's content to just sit for a moment with a boob in his face, mostly asleep, occasionally suckling like a little piglet.

(we took this picture just before we left the hospital, he's so different already!)



Razzle dazzle! Those are the cutest little jazz hands ever to wow a crowd!

stephanie rae said...

congratulations jana... hes so sweet. love his free arms. and how teeny tiny he is. when you are ready call me:) we will follow through on our plan when you are up for it. any time after may 27th. looking forward to meeting your family. xosteph (centric photography girl)


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