Aug 20, 2010

Possibly a bad idea, but I'm going with it anyway!

So today is my birthday. Yep, I am 31 years old now.

Yes, I said 31. I know that I appear much younger due to my pretty serious and blatant immaturity, but there you have it. I am a GROWN UP.

Would you like to know what I did for my birthday?
(I'm sure you are just DYING to know -you'll see where this is going in just a second)

My Mom took me out shopping for boots.

Oh yes, beautiful knee high fall boots were on the menu. And after a whole afternoon of wandering around and trying things on I found THEM. The Boots.

They are amazing, and beautiful and oh my god I love them.

But they aren't available yet. They are THESE boots....

I'll wait for you to hit the link so you can look at them because the Root's website won't let me drag the picture onto my desktop.

Only the ones I saw in the store are super dark brown/almost black. Those are the ones I want, but they aren't on the website AT ALL.

Don't worry though I have already emailed Roots asking them about this serious issue.

Soon my pretties, you will be MINE.

We also spent a great deal of money at The Gap, which was super fun because I Do Not Shop Anymore, unless it's at Joe Fresh and I can get things for $12.

Living on a budget! Wee!

Super fun day.

And then Geoff took me out for dinner at a great local sushi restaurant called Osaka Sushi (it's on the corner of Oak Bay Ave and Amphion if you're in town and want to try some decently delicious sushi at reasonable prices. I was totally won over by their California Roll which come with REAL CRAB AT NO CHARGE, just comes regular with real crab!)

AND THEN!! He took me to London Drugs so that I could get some HAIR DYE and I am currently sitting with round 2 (which might be a bad idea but round one didn't really do much) working it's magic on my head while I type this.

I am going for something like this...

(which I found here via google.)

Geoff also bought me a super cool new hairdryer tonight too. It's all Eco friendly and what not, saving the world while I blow dry my hair with a somewhat hot blast of air. Which is actually pretty nice because it reduces the mad frizz I get when I blow dried with my old one. Which had started to ominously PING at me when I tried to wave it around all my hair and it will occasionally just stop working. Sometimes in the middle so I am left with half damp head. Awesome.

Anyway, I like it and I am going to go rinse out round TWO.

I'll take pictures tomorrow if it's not horrible.

This has been a really fun process though, one I have not enjoyed since high school.

(one last thing, guess what we're doing for Kristy's birthday on Monday.
WE'RE GOING TO IKEA!!! Mad silliness awaits!)

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