Aug 17, 2010

A Honeymoon, in three parts

I realized as I was going through all of our photos from our trip that we took a lot of them. And that if I was going to share them all at once your brains might ooze out of your ears a little bit.

So I have broken them up into three sections...


Part one Cathedral Grove
. We stopped here on our drive up Island. It's a beautiful National Park full of crazy huge Old Growth Forest style trees.

Like hundreds and hundreds of years old. Totally amazing.

Part Two Long Beach
. Pretty self explanatory really. We went to Long Beach a couple of times while we were there and it's awesome.

Part Three Hot Springs
. Holy Sweet Jesus this place is amazing. A naturally occurring hot spring just outside of Tofino where the water is a scalding 106 degrees where it comes out of the ground and a series of stepped pools leading to the ocean. All totally natural with zero interference from Humans. Unless you count the thousands of tourists who check it out every year and clamber around the rocks like mountain goats. But besides that there has been no human intervention in the awesomeness.

So starting tomorrow I will share a series of pictures from each mazing part of our trip!

Right now I have to polish a ring so that I can get it set already.
Duty calls.

This week is busy one too, it's my birthday on Friday so I have to get everything done before then so that I don't have to stress about ANYTHING all day long!

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