May 6, 2009

FGI to be interviewed today!

We are all getting ready to head down to the store (oh yeah we have a STORE!!! It's unreal and amazing and you can visit us because WE ARE OPEN!!)
Phew! That little bit of excitement caught me off guard!

Anyway, we are being interviewed by Sarah Petrescu from the Times Colonist this morning and the article (with photos!) will run in the May 26th paper.

Just in time for the GRAND OPENING on May 29th.

Don't you worry lovelies, I'l post more information about that soon!

But before then, you can come by the shop!

Floating Gold Iceberg Boutique
533 Pandora Ave.
Victoria BC

1 comment:

Julie said...

Congrats to all of you! The store looks LOVELY! Can't wait to come visit!


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