Jan 14, 2009

Quick catch up!

I know I have been a bad blogger.
I am hanging my head in shame, dragging my feet all over the house from the guilt.

But here is a fun post to make up for it!

We only just got back on Sunday.
I know, we had an extra week of holiday! We got a bit snowed in when we went up the Island last weekend, and ended up waiting for a car part.

While we were home Geoff's brother and his Jade got married. It was so lovely, just a small, close family only ceremony at the Merridale Cidery in Cobble Hill.
Very nice.

Jade looked absolutely amazing in her dress.
She had sparkley gold shoes.

Can't go wrong there.

My Dad got another Tattoo! I know!!
Flaming Hands.

So awesome.

While I was home I tried on some wedding dresses.
(I actually had to run around the store in this one like I was being chased down by Dracula. So much gauze!)

New Years day was spent quietly at Dave and Jade's house. We watched a whole season of Entourage, and worked on a puzzle in lazy afternoon light.


Heather Anne said...

I'm excited to get my gorgeous ring!

Wedding dress dramatics are hilarious and fun. I had so much fun trying on EVERYTHING in sight before I found THE dress...and some of them certainly called for some form of interpretive dancing.

Jana May said...

Oh man it was hilarious. We tried some serious architecture on that day.
Your ring is in the mail, should arrive today, or Monday at the latest!
Let me know how it fits, I can resize it if need be.


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