Jan 19, 2009

200 posts!

I've been nattering on about silly things for a while!

I know, you need it.

Last night we had a dinner party at our place with a couple of friends of mine from Art school.
Gabe and his wife Julie and Julie's husband Keith (two Julie's) were the only ones who DIDN'T have food allergies.

So the menu was:
-Spinach salad with Shredded carrots and cranberries.
-Gluten Free Lasagna with a creamy mushroom sauce (instead of tomato-allergies!)
-Individual Gluten Free Mini Apple Pies. With Soy Ice Cream.

It was all delicious, if I do say so myself.
I just did.

I didn't get any pictures of the food once it was cooked. I'd had a glass of wine by then and we ate it all.

Yesterday was also the first day of Sun this year.
We took Norman to the park ad sucked up as much vitamin D as we could.

(for Christmas I asked my dear friend Dee's Mom to make Geoff a Megaman helmet/tuque because she's got mad knitting skills. He had seen one online and asked if I could make it for him, but my knitting skills are currently limited to neck tubes.
She did and he's worn it every day.)

Also, one last thing.
Gabe brought me Indian Jones Toast!

Now I need to shellac it and frame it.

Thank you for listening, 200 times!


Heather Anne said...

I am going to be making gluten free sweet potato lasagna this week! I'm excited to try a different recipe!

I got my ring in the mail today and it is FABULOUS. It fits PERFECTLY and I love it.


Julie said...

DINNER WAS SO LOVELY! Thanks again my friend! We had a blast!

The Gabe said...

FACT: Dinner was Rad.

I'm a soon to have floors kinda guy, next time at our place!


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