May 15, 2008

new apartment, without moving!

We are still setting up and organizing everything (Ikea here I come!) but here are a couple of photos from our painting last weekend.

It is so exciting to refresh like this! We feel like we've upgraded to a fancy new apartment, but we are so glad to be where we are. The best of both worlds really.
We switched the bedroom and the studio room, and both of us are now wondering why the heck we didn't do this before, it's SO nice now!

We painted the studios a bright white, and it's so great to have the extra light in there now. The bedroom is a lovely gray/sage green and the kitchen is a really soothing twilight blue/dove gray.
Oh so nice!
I can't WAIT to get myself over to Ikea for a quick trip (wall shelves, magazine holders, mini chests of drawers for all my random mini sized crap. That sort of thing) for the last few things, and then I'll be ROLLING! I am so excited about the studio right now! I am brimming with inspiration and new ideas already.

Amazing what a coat of paint can do.

Norman was really good while we painted. We got lucky and had some good weather. So he sunbathed for all of us!


floating gold iceberg said...

painting is exciting!
I can't wait for your advice column...all we have to do is come up with some questions and topics.

Jana May said...

Hey I am ready with hilarious responses.
Throw some ideas my way and I am raring to go!


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