May 6, 2008

A couple things

This weekend I had the pleasure of joining Floating Gold Iceberg for their weekly meeting. I have chatted about them before, and I certainly will again, because they are my dear friends and I am going to work with them. Whether they want me to or not. Because it's awesome.
Luckily they DO want me to work with them so it's not at all weird when I show up at their studio space and throw print ideas at them or try on clothes.
Pretty great actually.

They have recently moved to a new space and I threw my hat in and helped them move furniture and equipment up stairs and unloaded a number of business things on their behalf. And if I lived on the island I would probably try to wheedle my way into hanging out there and working on fun creative things ALL DAY.
Every day.

But not in a creepy way at all.

I only have one picture from that adventure, Erin had her hair done and it looks great.

The next time I go over I will get some good production shots.

I was also able to see Kathryn this weekend as well, which was so amazing because she's always traipsing off to Naniamo whenever I get over to the island, and she's my super talented designer friend who did my cards and is also helping me with the website. Which is going to be INCREDIBLE when we are done with it. Oh my god, so cute! I will not tease you too much since I don't have any pictures for you, but it's going to be RAD. And I am very much looking forward to it.

Not only was I able to get a lot of good creative brainstorming in this weekend, I was also able to see some people that I really don't get to see enough of.

I can't believe how big Miss Emma is getting! Every time I see her she gets cooler.
I have to credit Dee for her amazing parenting skills. Emma is polite and considerate and all around awesome.

The other reason that I went over this weekend was this...
My Dad got his first TATTOO!

I know, now it is I that is the bad influence!
He was a total trooper and handled it really well. Much better than I do, if I am completely honest. I squeak and whine and generally make an ass of myself. Although the last time I went in I wasn't getting anything done over my kidneys (which is NOT fun, just so you know) so I was pretty good. Jeff even said that I was much better than usual! It's progress!
We went to Urge tattoos at their new location on Cook street (which is amazing) Jeff there has been tattooing me for years, and now I send everyone I know there when they are thinking about getting something done.
Here's my Dad before:

And some pictures of the process:

Here is the finished tattoo the next day, a little bruising, but it looks pretty great!
That's my Mom's name in there. So CUTE!

I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with Dad and sharing something that I really like with him.
So now we'll have to see if he becomes as addicted and I have!
I think that my Mom is crossing her fingers that he doesn't.

Only time will tell! [insert maniacal laughter here]


Deedee said...

Thanks for the shout-out :)
I think the 2nd pic of Em and I is a keeper.
Come and visit again soon, yes?

Jana May said...

Yes! Definitely.

Banana-head Pancake said...

oh, that looks like so much fun with your dad!

Jana May said...

It was really fun, and something that I never expected to happen EVER! He was NOT impressed when I cam home with my first tattoo.
My Mom is blaming Miami Ink!
But now he wants more!


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