Nov 16, 2007

Seriously getting ready.

I don't think that I will post again until after the show.
I just know that once I get over to the island, there is going to be NOTHING going on besides show prep and the occasional meal.
Possibly a melt down, but we're holding it together.
For the moment.

Tonight I plan to whip up some sort of dinner. And then chill out with the dog for a while.
I was so good this morning, picked up chains and tumbler shot. And so much fabric!
Then went to work at the clinic and caught up a bit over there.
I might get into the studio before I eat, I really should.
At least clean up something.

The banner is mostly done, just waiting for the last font. Got to paint an antler or two. But mostly it's quiet time for my wee noggin.

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