Nov 3, 2007

It's flipping cold right now!

I think that the weather is turning overnight this year.
We had barely any summer, that's true. We had Spring, a couple weeks of sunshine and then straight into Autumn. And it's 3 days into November and it's flipping FREEZING in our apartment. Just like that.
I am thinking of investing in Ugg boots as slippers.
I KNOW! That's how cold my tootsies are right now!
Maybe not actual Uggs, since they are hundreds of dollars, but some cheap, warm alternative. Maybe I'll make Norman into cozy slippers.

Geoff would get jealous though.

I am currently taking a procrastination break. I soldered a bunch of pendants already and I've got earrings set up to solder, but I really just want to curl up under the covers with tea and a book and hunker down for a while.
I'll solder the stupid earrings first. And probably clean up some more antler rings too.

I am feeling a little bummed right now because I've got the cutest little pendants going (seriously cute people) and I've got one that is JAMMED full of tumbler shot.
So crammed in there that they are not even moving. So I think that I have to scrap it and cut it open. This is what started the procrastination break in the first place.

But I did sort out what I am going to do for my Dad for Christmas, so it all works out in the end!

I've got to put on more socks now!

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