Apr 1, 2015

Well, THAT took forever.

So it turns out the having two MOBILE kids is kuku bananas.  Please don't give up on me.  I am DETERMINED to get back to this space.  Do people read blogs anymore?  I only read one or two now, so maybe I am holding on to a sinking ship.  But I will be (ahem, attempting) to post here more regularly.  

And the WEBSITE is getting a little Spring pick me up, so please pop on over there and take a look in the coming weeks.

Here you go... JANAMADE.COM

Here's a shop of my bright white feet to tide you over.



nick said...


www.jetessay.com said...

No, it seems like the people are already over saturated with reading the blogs...however, I still do...) Generally, the interest seems to have faded!

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