Jul 1, 2013

GPOY (I had to look this up)

So ages ago I came across the acronym GPOY while browsing a blog that I sometimes look at and I had a really hard time figuring out what the what it meant.

I actually had a moment where I thought to myself "Oh NO!  I am TOO OLD FOR THIS!!"
I thought this because there were a few other acronyms floating around at the same time that I wasn't sure about so kind of just glossed over them, because let's be serious... there are only a few blogs that I read to actually READ. 

Mostly I just look at the pictures.

I do NOT "Read it for the Articles."

Anyway, I had to google it.  Oh sorry, I Googled it.


Turns out it stands for Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself.

So here is one!

When was the last time I posted a photo of MYSELF on this here personal blog??
I don't even know.

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