Feb 14, 2013

Sonny & the Sticker Bandit

We have entered the Age of The Sticker around these parts.
I wasn't so sure if we would encounter it with Sonny because he is such a busy kid, but he received a book of sticker pages from my Mom and we now find stickers ALL OVER THE HOUSE.

I think it's adorable to see them pop up unexpectedly.  But Geoff is not so keen.

It would seem that Sonny got his love of leaving stickers everywhere from me... a trait that his dad is not impressed with.
(I will take the stickers off of fruit and vegetables and stick them on the sink.  And then completely forget about their existence.  I actually had a belt when I was a teen that would get COVERED in veggie stickers because my dad felt the same way!  And since I ALWAYS wore this belt, everysingleday, it was a no brainer.  But alas for my poor husband, leggings and skinnies do not require belts!)

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