Feb 29, 2012

Vampire baby

I came across these pictures of Sonny and had a laugh.
He was just a few days old and Geoff caught him going in for a neck suck.

I still can not BELIEVE that he's 10 months old already.
It makes me so sad to think that his first year is already winding down.
He's almost standing on his own now and he's motoring around really fast and OH MY GOD the screaming!

I am really hoping that this is a phase that all babies go through and he's going to communicate in a more ear friendly way, but right now it's all screaming all the time.

And I am not talking screaming, I am talking SCREAMING, full volume, high pitch, shrill, screeching monster.

We had a play date yesterday and he scared poor Miss E so badly that she hyperventilated and had to go home. I'm not even exaggerating. Her Mom said that she's never seen E react like that before.

And today at the grocery store I had a couple of people come over to us to make sure he was okay.

Yes folks he's happy. He's just screaming about it.

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