Sep 22, 2011


Ladies and Gents! I am back in action! Yes. YES!! Pops and I moved all my bench stuff to my Mom and Dad's garage the weekend before last, and LAST WEEKEND I made stuff!

some of THESE in fact!


(this weekend I am working on "GOLD" versions of the Bird Bangles.)

that's right.

I said "GOLD". (brass)

I can definitely make actual gold bangles, but with the price of gold these days we'd be looking at a $400 bangle. (I'm just guessing on that number, I'll calculate the cost out for reals if you want one, just email me and let me know)
whereas making them out of brass, it will look like gold but cost like silver!

must go change a diaper now!


Heather Anne said...

I LOVE these. How much? And what if I want some but can't make it to the fair? Your etsy shop is still closed due to uber baby cuteness times ;)

Jana May said...

Hey Heather!
The silver ones are $55 and the "gold" ones are $30

I can either put some aside for you or whip some more up the weekend after the Fox Fair (my child care happens on Sundays so I can work on inventory!)

I am hoping to get the etsy shop open in October too, once I've had a couple more weekends to make stuff!


Heather Anne said...

Let me know when your shop is back up and running. I like the sounds of the "gold" ones :)
I would love to make it to the fair but I am away this weekend.


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