Mar 8, 2009

new bag

I have been struggling a little bit lately with my bags.
Yes I know that it's not a big deal really, but I can't tell you how much it DRIVES ME CRAZY to have to fuss around in a purse or pocket just to find my wallet, or chapstick.
Or find my phone when it's screaming at me on the bus and the embarrassment of all those watching eyes, wondering why my bag is YELLING at me to answer the phone already.
(my ring tone is myself yelling "answer the phone" over and over. It's the only ring that I actually hear because I am hardwired to avoid embarrassing myself at all costs. Which is probably why I manage to be embarrassed so often.)

Anyway. Yesterday I sat down in front of the computer for 20 minutes and suddenly HAD TO MAKE A NEW BAG ALREADY.
So I did.
This guy has yet to be tested for everyday practicality. But it's cute (not sure if the leather hearts are TOO cutesy, but one is a pocket so that's pretty practical) roomy and holds it's shape.

This is not THE bag. I have designed that bag already and just need to get the materials required. But I had very literally HAD it with the old NSCAD tote bag that I was using when the zipper stopped working entirely.

New bag for now.
It's got a drawstring top (no zippers on hand) two side pockets, 3 inside pockets and 2 front pockets.

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