Jan 17, 2010

TEA, oh how we love it.

We are serious tea drinkers at our house. Nary a day goes by without at least one cup each (usually first thing in the morning, then several throughout the day)

I grew up around tea drinkers, my parent's both regularly enjoyed a cuppa classic orange pekoe, and lately they have switched to trying new herbal teas too.

I was told by my physiotherapist and doctor to avoid caffeine. NO CAFFEINE FOR ME.
Back when I was 18 I had my wisdom teeth taken out, slightly botched and now I have TMJ for my troubles. But it's been so long that it's just a matter of course that I can't eat delicious crunchy things, or chewy things, or have caffeine anymore.

So whenever I do sneak a little in it's VERY apparent that I've had some.

Crazy making. (I once hyperventilated after ordering a decaf frap, but getting a regular frap instead. For 45 minutes.)

So now I don't order slushy espresso drinks anymore. As much as I would love to.

But every once and a while, especially lately, I will have a single cup of green tea in the mornings. It's so good, and the caffeine seems to stretch out my energy and I am not insane for hours, but I am SUPER PRODUCTIVE.

So. Yesterday I popped into Silk Road here in town and picked up a couple of mildly caffeinated teas for us to enjoy. Right now I am drinking "Vanilla Plantation" a mild black tea with hints of vanilla and something else, let me look... and essence. Whatever that is, it's lovely.

I can't keep it up everyday though, I'll get food allergy reactions after a couple of days so I have to switch to herbal in there occasionally. But I was really looking forward to trying out these new teas, so I'll stick to herbal teas next week!

I also picked up this mug and tea strainer set that I've had my eye on for a little while, I had a gift card from Christmas, so I thought why not treat myself a bit!

Made by ForLife, it's pretty nice too, the strainer is super fine, so there are no leaves or bits floating in my tea and the lid flips over to become a little dish to keep tea from getting on the counter when you rest the strainer on it to cool.

We received this teapot as a wedding gift as well, made by the same company and it sees a lot of love from us. Same strainer, which is what prompted me to pick up the mug, it's just so effective.

They also have these separate strainers that you can put into any mug (I've been doing that with the strainer from the teapot lately) and it comes with a sweet little leaf shaped resting dish. Tres cute!

Their website is here But if you are shopping in Victoria, you can find them at Silk Rd and Haute Cuisine (amazing kitchen store!)


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