Jan 23, 2010

Love Knots

I had picked up some gold filled wire a little while ago to try out an older design that I had been making in silver, but wanted the look of GOLD, without the cost of GOLD.

(I am tempted right now to always write GOLD in caps. Seems fitting yes? We'll have to see if I remember.)

When I sat down with it though I made these instead. Little Loveknot charms.

They just kind of happened, and I really like them. Simple and sweet without being fussy. I like them on the crochet chain as well, it feels like something you would get from your teen boyfriend. Only more sophisticated somehow. Plus I love how every part of them is handmade. (I crocheted those chains don't you know!)

And the gold fill wire was really nice to work with. I described it on the FGI blog like a corndog: instead of a wiener it's brass at the center, and instead of cornbread it's a heavy layer of gold. So not gold FILLED per se, but that's what they call it.

You can get gold fill chain too, so if you want the look of luxury without having to sell your first born (exaggerating!) this could be a way to go.

1 comment:

andrea said...

seriously jana!! really??? another piece of your jewelery that i have to have! i will get nick to buy it for me for valentines....let's make a tea date soon!


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