Jan 31, 2010

How many words can I use for the same thing?

I feel like I might be fighting Geoff's head cold now.
Actually who am I kidding. That is EXACTLY what I am doing. Norman kept me up all night AGAIN (Geoff went up to the lake to work on a film, so I've got the turd all to myself and he is not a restful sleeper. I remember having to get up at least 5 times to rearrange his blankets. Good grief)
Last weekend was the same.

I'm going to have to have a chat with that dog.

Anyway, so I've overslept this morning, to accommodate the no sleep I got last night, and I've got bleary head and scratchy throat.
My breakfast consists of green tea (to wake me up), Vega (a super healthy vitamin Super food drink powder mixed with frozen blueberries and almond milk, pretty tasty) and a huge handful of vitamins.

Yesterday I worked on my first ever quilt project. I will take pictures this afternoon when I finish it. It's quilt LIKE in that it's got squares of different fabrics all over it, but not quilty in the fact that it's a duvet cover.

I hit my breaking point last week when Geoff woke me up to tell me that Norman had tracked his own shit INTO THE BED the previous night. So that we had slept with poo.
In. The. Bed.

And not only that, but he'd smeared that same crap into the beautiful WHITE comforter that I was so excited about having in my life. Pristine white bedding?


So the "quilt" is the cover that is going to live on the white comforter to prevent me from having to wash FECES out of it ever again.

So again, until I get the quilt finished so you can see, please enjoy these pictures of beautiful, soothing nature that I took when I walked home from work last Monday.

Just look at that creek! I am relaxing right now.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That was the best poo story on the face of the planet.
Oh dogs...


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