Jan 23, 2010

Everything old is new again.

Two weekends ago I was underneath my parent's house while there was easy-ish access to it (Mom was taking down the Christmas tree and Dad was packing everything up to put back into the crawlspace.)

Among some other amazing finds down there, which I will happily share once I've got them cleaned up (maybe I'll do that today? Hard to say what I'll get up to) I glommed an old painting that had been down there so long that the dust was starting to develop architecture.

Frank Gehry would be impressed.

Mom was only too happy to get rid of it, since she couldn't remember how long it had been down there, so I took it home.

Then last weekend, while waiting for flux to dry, I happily worked away at this guy...

I have been enjoying drawing so much lately that I thought I'd try drawing with paint. I had picked up some paint pens for the trees that I am going to put up in the bedroom (I've got photographs of a really beautiful birch tree in the neighborhood that is going to stand in as inspiration for that project now!) in gold (yes!) and white and they are SO MUCH FUN.

I am thinking that I might have to explore this for a while.

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