Jan 16, 2010

In my efforts to be as productive as possible

I have been thinking about investing in this table set up, the Vika from ikea.
(can you see that little window on the right of the table top? It's a WINDOW you can shine a light through to make it a LIGHT TABLE!)

I might even be able to take my drawing table separate desk combo and make it ONE SINGLE DESK.

Oooh the more I think about it the more I like it!

Now I must budget for this.


another thought!
I bet I can find an old door to salvage that has a window in it, stick some frosty tape to the underside and paint the top white and MAKE MY OWN!
Lofty aim perhaps, but it might save me big $$.

I might make a disaster out of the whole thing, but I MIGHT not!

I'll let you know how the hunt/gather/adventure goes!


Sandra said...

Shut up!! This is one of the best things I have ever seen... I heart Ikea real hard.

Jana May said...

I KNOW right?? I was even thinking that I would probably scavenge an old door with a window and make it myself. Maybe just buy the legs or something.

Oh yes!


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