Jan 20, 2010

Changes to the website

Upon more reflection I have decided that the best course of action for me at this time is to switch my website to this blog.

So when you visit my website www.janamade.com, you will automatically be transferred here, to lovely ol' JanamadeThis. Which will become Janamade.com.

You don't have to change anything if you have this site bookmarked (if you do I LOVE you!) or just hop over like you usually do, blogger apparently will automatically divert you to the new format. Thank you blogger!

I am hoping that the transition is smooth.

But since I am mostly doing this on my own, I make no promises.
The lovely Kathryn will be helping me with a new format, and lovely details, because she is FAR better at this kind of thing than I am.

I am mostly flying by the seat of my pants.

Content will likely stay the same as is it always has here, mostly silliness.
With some more jewellery and handmade thrown in.

Like I had originally planned this thing to be. Only less silly.

We'll see I guess!

Thank you for sticking around, you.
It's been a pleasure so far, and I hope that it will continue.


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