Jan 9, 2010

Pet Portraits, new career maybe?

After seeing the portrait that I had painted of Norman that hangs in our study nook, the lovely Zoe of MaevEden Photography asked if I'd be interested in painting a portrait of her dad's pup Kyna.
She sent me some photos of her and she looked like such a doll that I couldn't say no.

I hadn't painted for a while, so I was a little nervous, but I really loved it once I got the materials together. It was so much fun!

So I might have to add to my business cards.
Custom Pet Portraits by Janamade


Anonymous said...

Oh jeepers. It probably would have been nice of me to remember to send you a message detailing his reaction. (Sorry.)
LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!!!!! He kept talking about it, was so great. Thanks for doing such an amazing job :)

Jana May said...

Thanks Zoe! It was a pleasure!


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