Feb 12, 2010

Nothing like late night crepes

Gluten Free of course.

They soothe the soul.

And they are SO FLIPPING EASY!

All you need is:
2 eggs, sweetener, flour, oil, milk and a little salt.

-with a whisk, in a medium mixing bowl, beat your eggs.
-add in some sweetener (I usually use honey or agave, but sugar is good too) anywhere from 2 T to a 1/4 cup, depends on how sweet you want your crepes.
- whisk in 1/4 cup oil (melted butter is also REALLY GOOD)
- add flour in large spoonfuls until your batter is just too thick to whisk anymore.
- now add your milk, in stages until you've got a nice soupy batter.
- add a pinch of salt and whisk in.

If you want to add more flour to make EVEN MORE CREPES, now is the time, just remember to add more milk to thin it out again.

Have a non stick skillet (or a crepe pan if you're fancy) heating up on medium heat while you are mixing everything up so that it's nice and hot now that you are ready to go.

-ladle or pour your batter into the skillet, swirling the good stuff around to get an even crepe. (pour out any extra batter back into the mixing bowl if your scooped/poured too much)
-let it cook up until the edges start to dry and brown up, flip over to cook up the other side (maybe a minute, if that)
-remove your crepe from the hot skillet and lay flat on a plate.
-stack those babies until all your batter is gone.
-fill with WHATEVER YOU WANT! The beauty of crepes is that they are pretty much delicious with EVERYTHING.

Easy peasy.

I've been making just enough for a couple crepes each, spreading almond butter on them and then rolling up a banana cut in half lengthwise.
Yep, Banana Burritos.

Zero guilt factor when I don't use white sugar.

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